Thoughts While You Wait for Your Airplane to Refuel -#BLOG365 Day 249 @topteachgermany #TOPStudyTour

So, here we sit. Thirty social studies educators, pumped and ready to go for a teacher adventure in Germany with #Topteachgermany. But, Germany is not quite ready for us yet. Our plane weighs more expected. So, here we sit, waiting for additional fuel.

We have time to kill, scrolling through movies, Tweeting, checking out Instagram, and blogging. We have a social media challenge going this trip so many of us are getting a jump on that.

We have a lot of wonderings…

For instance,

-Why did they ask us to unbuckle while refuelling?

– When will we actually land now?

– What time is dinner coming? (We all want to eat and then sleep)

– What is moon cheese?

– Who will be the first to fall asleep during our tour in Tann tomorrow?

– How long will this refueling thing take?

We have other important wonderings too…

– How are we going to connect what we learn in Germany to our students’ lives?

– What does it mean to be an ambassador for your home country?

– What will we learn from our colleagues as we travel together for 2 weeks?

– How will I fully share this experience in Germany with our students and colleagues?

– What makes a good professional development experience?

– How does an individual’s exposure to the world impact their global understanding?



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