Packing Light – #BLOG365 Day 244 @TOPTeachGermany #TOPStudyTour

I am the worst packer ever. I can’t ever decide what to take or leave. I always plan for more than I need. I have dragged too much luggage onto trains and planes and dragged it over big city sidewalks. I have come home with sore shoulders from carrying overfilled backpacks.

Ugh. I hate it. I never learn my lesson.

Until now…

I have been packing and repacking all week for my upcoming TOP Study Tour, carefully considering every piece of clothing I place in my bag, looking for interchangeable, coming to terms with the fact that I may have to wear the same dress pants twice and it will be ok.

Originally, I had decided to not bring a laptop on the trip (I have since changed my mind because my son offered me his teeny tiny laptop). I was determined to lighten the load on all fronts for this trip.

I did just that.

Two weeks of ¬†business casual clothing, toiletries, a German hair dryer, a few sweaters and two pairs of shoes… all in this carry-on sized bag.

I also have a backpack for carrying essentials on the plane and a cross body bag for each day. Plus, I was able to fit an extra duffel type bag in the bottom of my backpack in case I run out of space or splurge on gifts for my son.


That big backpack duffel bag my friend gave me…didn’t even need it. Yay!

Turns out this downsizing and lightening the load is happening in all aspects of my life at the moment as I prepare to move from a big 19th century home to an on-campus apartment for a new job.

I have to say there is a bit of liberation in all this scaling down. It’s forcing me to get down to reflect on what I really need.

I have always had this rule: if I don’t use something for a year, I toss it or donate it. I have a scrapbook room full of photos and memorabilia. But, clothing and shoes and toys are chucked when not used. Even at work, I follow a similar principle.

Now I am wondering if I need to expand this rule and release a bit more because I really like this feeling of freedom.


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