Creativity Abounds…If Only You Take a Moment to Notice – #BLOG365 Day 247

I would say I am a fairly creative person. One reason I chose to be an educator is because it afforded me the opportunity to be creative every day. I don’t mean creative in the artsy sense. I am creative in artsy ways. But, in education creativity can be found as you analyze your students’ strengths and abilities, mine data, develop lessons and assessments, run with a student passion. Every day is creative when you are a teacher. It’s not always right there in front of your face. There isn’t always an amazing product, at least not right there in front of you and sometimes not in the moment. Sometimes you see the creativity when you look back. Sometimes it is simply a piece of a larger picture.

I read this column today by Carl Richards. He writes, “Don’t wait around for creativity to strike. Strike creativity.” I feel like this is a bit like this blogging journey. You can’t just wait, wait for the perfect day or the perfect topic to write. You just have to strike.

Beauty happens with persistence.

It happens in the day to day of being an educator or a writer or a student.

Creativity just happens and often without you realizing it is happening and that creativity is the best kind of creativity.


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