Focal Points – #BLOG365 Day 232


I love using viewfinders when looking at art. They allow students to focus on only part of a painting or photograph, defining the space and encouraging deeper observation.

This weekend I find I am using a viewfinder in my own life. Working to frame the big picture into smaller components that I can analyze and scrutinize as I make a big move in my life. While it is helpful to look at the big picture when making decisions, I think examining the smaller components of that big picture is helpful too. Maybe even more revealing. This is giving me the chance to set priorities too.

I need to do a better job of doing this in my everyday life too. Place emphasis on the ingredients and how they mingle and mix to create the perfect recipe. I need to remember to use a viewfinder, not just in moments of big decisions, but also in the small moments in each day.

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