Still Behind… – #BLOG365 Day 226

Yesterday one of my fellow #BLOG365 buddies reminded us that we only have 100 more days in our blogging journey. Sadly, I am still behind and more than 100 posts left in my journey.

Instead of beating myself up about getting behind, I chose to focus on how I am ahead of where I was last July. I have posted 226+ times. I have written almost every day since August, between the blog and my National Board renewal and a few blogs for ASCD. I have written UbD plans and curriculum maps. I have shared resources via writing and collaborated through writing.

Yesterday I did a presentation to a group of educators and was relaying the story of how I recommitted to writing last summer. It made me realize how proud I am of the path I have taken. I am thankful for this process. Thankful for the connections and the networking that this process has brought.

So…I am behind. So what?

I am more ahead than I was last year at this time and that is a beautiful thing!

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