In a Rut – #BLOG365 Day 223




I am definitely in a rut when it comes to blog posts.

Travel, May madness, family celebrations, preparing for an overseas trip, and end of the school year chaos have left me with little inspiration.

I missed a few days and now it is hard to get back on the blogging wagon. I am stuck in the muck and mire of May.

When I am not actively doing research or tackling a problem of practice my well is dry. I draw writing inspiration from the challenges I face in my work. I like the variety that most of my days bring. The conversations I have with colleagues generate fuel for my blog. I have been out of the loop on all fronts.

I am excited about the coming days when the school year wraps up and I plunge into summer reading, have time for Twitter chats, and find moments to recharge and refuel.