Museum Monday: Museum of Failure -#BLOG365 Day 218 #IMMOOC #sschat


Over the weekend I read this New York Times article on the Museum of Failure. The museum website says “learning is the only way to turn failure into success.”

I love this idea for a museum and I love the idea of students’ curating their failures too. So often we ask them to show what they know. But, we ask them to show their successes. We rarely ask our students to showcase their failures, put them on display, reflect on them and look for patterns and connections.

I was drawn to this description of a workshop at the museum on “how your team can improve learning from failure and build the psychological safety necessary for innovation.” I am intrigued. I am pondering how I could use a similar idea in classrooms.

Check out the 13 Biggest Failures featured in the museum here. Being a big fan of Twitter as a professional development tool I loved seeing the TwitterPeek, a $200 device for only accessing Twitter.

I immediately thought about Henry Ford. A few summers ago I went to The Henry Ford for a National Endowment for the Humanities. I am not a big fan of Ford and his behavior. But, his effort and determination are a wonder and an example of perseverance.

In today’s world our students need the psychological safety for innovation too. How are we nurturing this in our kiddos?



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