Consider a Door as a Focal Point-#BLOG365 Day 212



I was reading an article in Southern Living this weekend about updating an old home. “Worth the Wait.” Definitely a topic of interest to me having lived in two 19th century homes. But, this time it wasn’t the ideas about renovating and redecorating that ended up catching my attention. It was a few words in bold print that were meant to set focus for the article.

One phrase said:

Consider a Door as a Focal Point.

Great idea for a fixer-upper. Also a great idea for me at this point in my career.

In a few weeks I will be closing one door and walking through another. I have been so busy seeing the door I am walking out of as a focal point, considering the stress and unknown behind it, I have completely ignored the door I am about to walk through as a focal point. It’s actually pretty exciting. That door is one of those doors that’s painted red or green as a focal point. Bright and full of promise. Change is good. Sharing my talents in a new and different way in a new and different place is exciting.

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