Thank You! -#BLOG365 Day 199

To all those teachers out there.

Today as I chatted with some teacher colleagues I relayed a story of an interview question I was recently asked. If you could go back to teaching, what kind of teacher would you be now?

I have considered this question a lot. Over the years I have learned a lot from the teachers I work with.

So when I answered the question I had the perfect teacher in mind as an example, a composite of a few actually.

If I ever teach a class again I would take a little bit from this teacher. A little bit from another. A dash of that classroom environment. A spoonful of that teacher voice. A cup of that feeling I have when I am in that classroom. The relationship building from that one and the organization of the other.

After years of working around teachers I have the perfect recipe for the perfect classroom experience.

And now that I am moving on to another school I have (for the first time really) the chance to tell all the people that hold all the ingredients I could use thank you!

Thank you for teaching me, for sharing and reflecting and listening and taking risks and trusting.



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