Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket – #BLOG365 Day 194


I am guilty of putting all my delicate eggs in one basket over the last few years. It’s definitely out of character for me and my family. We spent 15 years in the same home and took a leap of faith moving our family to another part of the state for an easier life. The first year and a half were awesome. My son was thriving in the theater community and with Boy Scouts. I felt fulfilled in my work. Our lives relaxed. We took more walks, connected more as a family, found new hobbies.

It was all great.

That is, until in one fell swoop, our eggs were shattered.

All in that one basket.

My message to life:

I get it!

I do!

But, my other message to life:

I refuse to let those egg yolks trip me up on my journey through life.

I guess I could have tossed the basket and emptied the shells of the last two years into the trash.

But, I’m not.

My choice is to make something out of those eggs.

My choice is pick through the basket.

Pick out every shell and find the lesson in it.

I have learned a lot over the last few years. More about myself than I probably learned in the last 35. And with each shard of shell I pick up, I see that more and more.

I did learn a lesson about all those eggs in one basket and I won’t do it again.

But, maybe next time I will make sure there is some bubble wrap in my basket to protect those eggs from unexpected crashes!


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