What’s Your Narrative?-#BLOG365 Day 181


What’s your narrative?

The narrative of your classroom, your year, your school.

Have you even considered what story it is you want your students leaving with at the end of the grade level or when they leave your school?

I would wager to say that it is not always something we put at the forefront of our work as educators. But, it should be.

What’s the plot line? Who are the protagonists and antagonists? The setting? The conflict? Will there be a flashback? Where’s the symbolism? Imagery? Engagement? Where does your narrative start or end? And does it even end? Are there multiple authors or just one? Can the narrative be the mission and vision of the school? Or should it be self-generated?

In my world the narrative of the year or the school is the enduring understanding, the moral or lesson, not just the enduring understanding of the content. Enduring understandings may go deeper, like what it means to be a citizen, a risk-taker, an inquirer, a questioner.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day of education, the schedules and lunch duties and grading.

It is difficult to stay the course on the narrative. But, it is so important that we do.

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