Leading by Learning -#BLOG365 Day 175

Core Beliefs (1)

If you have read my blog enough you know that I am addicted to learning. I always have been. I can distinctly remember the day before first grade when I stayed up past my bedtime to read through my new textbooks and my mom likes to tell the story of when she dropped me off at preschool and I ran off without saying goodbye. I am a consummate learner.

In one of the sessions at Empower this weekend the presenter spoke about the importance of being an instructional leader and it’s a theme that was echoed in many sessions over the weekend. It can be easy for us to get stuck in the silos of knowledge we are comfortable with. But, for me, it is way more exciting to admit I don’t know something and embark on a learning journey. I appreciate building connections, coupling old ideas with new ones, comparing them, and constructing new knowledge.

It’s incredibly important to model a love of learning in our interactions with students and teachers. As ASCD says, #LearnTeachLead!



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