Decisions, Decisions…-#BLOG365 Day 168



In most instances I am the type that likes to make a decision and move forward. I have always been frustrated by meetings I leave with decisions unresolved. That’s not to say I don’t seriously consider all sides when making a decision. I do. I analyze choices from multiple perspectives and angles. I play Devil’s Advocate. I consider the implications, implications that are immediate and those that might come further out in time.

But, sometimes¬†resolutions are not so easy to come by. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers. Sometimes we have to wait.

Telling this horse (Chinese Zodiac) she needs to wait is bad news. I am notoriously impatient.

And, yet, here I am in a holding pattern.

So…what does this impatient horse do?

I focus on the decisions I can make in the here and now. The daily decisions that will eventually be part of a larger resolution.




r resolution.

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