Brightspots-#BLOG365 Day 143 #tcrwp


When the mornings are chaotic, the days jam packed, and the nights exhausting, it’s hard to notice the brightspots. I have done a horrible job of reflecting this week and yesterday an interaction with a teacher over Lucy Calkins made me gasp and take a step back.

Yes, Lucy Calkins makes lots of people gasp and I am admittedly a curriculum groupie. But, I digress.

I had one of those moments when the stars aligned and at the exact same moment a teacher was having the exact same realization I was having. When I ran to her room to share what I had discovered, she was already there in her mind too.

I did sort of feel like it was the apotheosis of reading. I may have heard angels singing.

Literacy brings people together, guys. Seriously!

A moment like this is so bright and dazzling its shines light on the other brightspots in the week and reminds you…

There is almost nothing better than leaning over a table with a fellow educator to talk about learning. Not teaching, learning! Because after all, that is what should always ground us.

There is almost nothing better than flipping through a novel, looking a curriculum material, and seeing potential for deeper learning.

There is almost nothing better than having a colleague who shares your love of learning in the same way. That nerds out with you over book clubs and reading instruction.

You work with some brightspots and you learn every day!



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