Don’t Give Up the Ship- #BLOG365 Day 133



There are moments when we all feel discouraged. Moments when it seems easier to give up or move on. In those moments I am reminded of this quote by Commander James Lawrence during the War of 1812. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to take a few steps back to reflect and regroup when we feel things aren’t going or way. This week I did a lot of this and it has helped me to see new avenues to address challenges. Of course, we don’t always have this luxury. Sometimes we have no choice but to engage.

In these instances I think it is important to listen. I like to channel my inner George Washington and really hear what people are saying around me. Washington knew the value in listening and reflecting. It is one of the many reasons he was so successful as a leader.

There is a lot to learn from just listening, listening to those who agree and disagree. And that learning is one way we can ensure we don’t go down with the ship.




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