Words, Words, Words -#BLOG365 Day 107


It turns out my most used word in 2016 was “words.” This fun fact brought to my attention by a social media app. I think this is pretty appropriate given my year, especially the second half of my year as I began to blog.

When my son was little I did a lot of scrap booking. A ton! One of my favorite memory keepers, Ali Edwards, began a project a few years ago in which she chose one word to be her individual focus for the year, a mantra, a guide, a word meant to define actions and thoughts. The One Little Word project has grown and now people from all over the world participate, choosing a word to concentrate on for the year.

I have never participated, mostly because I love words. Plural. But I am considering joining in this year in my own small way because choosing a word of focus is already part of my yoga practice.

So, I have about a week to choose my one little word.

I may just choose the word “words.”


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