Oh December!- #BLOG365 Day 92



Oh December!

You are simultaneously the most beautiful month and the most stressful.

Back in the day December was at my command. My holiday cards went out the day after Thanksgiving. I had gift shopping in the works or near done by this point in the month. Presents were under the tree. Holiday decorations were up. Parties planned. Menus decided on. I knew the plan for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. For a few years I even documented every day in December with a December Daily album. Every single day in December with a scrapbook page and photographs. Every day!

A few years later and I am not so on top of it anymore. A new job, a fixer upper, a pre-teen son, and a long list of obligations have ruined my December groove. I barely remembered St. Nicholas Day yesterday and I am actually considering not decorating for the holidays.

It’s December 7 and I still have no idea where my family will be on Christmas morning. I don’t know if we will be taking our annual trip to Williamsburg on December 26.

What has happened?

I’d like to blame this on that long list of excuses I just mentioned. But, part of me wonders if I have lost the Christmas spirit.

When I was in third grade I was in a holiday play in school. I played Pixie, a Christmas elf looking for the true meaning of Christmas. I think I was chosen for the part because of my Dorothy Hamill haircut and maybe my loud mouth. My most vivid memory of the experience was the garland from my costume itching around my neck when I had to pretend to be asleep at a certain point in the play. The torture!

I went to Catholic school so Pixie found the true meaning of Christmas around the manger.

Honestly, I don’t believe 30-something Jill is going to find the true meaning of Christmas around a nativity story over the next 18 days.

I have 18 days to kick myself into gear, slow down, and recapture some of the magic of the holidays.

I wonder if my son will be willing to watch Santa Clause with me tonight…


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