Photo Withdrawal – #BLOG365 Day 82

Remember that time I forgot my camera on our family vacation?

Yea, me too. It was just yesterday.

I don’t know how it happened. In the chaos of packing and getting 3 cats ready for a babysitter I walked out the door without my Canon.

I am in withdrawal a bit. I take thousands of pictures on a vacation like this one. This time all I have is the pictures on my cell phone camera.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, Honky Tonk Row, Gaylord Palms Country Christmas, the biscuits at Loveless Cafe, Graceland. My Canon will miss it all.

But, I am also finding it a bit liberating not lugging my camera around everywhere. I am not fighting the 11 year-old to smile and look cute for photo opps. My shoulder isn’t aching from the strap.

I am focusing on remembering all the moments that make our vacation wonderful, the moments that can’t be captured with a photograph anyway.



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