I Give Up – #BLOG365 Day 77

Ever had one of THOSE days. The kind where nothing seems to go right. That’s my today. Hump day of the week before Thanksgiving break.

On my 77th day of blogging…

  • My kitten knocked over water laced with red Mio this morning (before 7am).
  • That same kitten decided to crawl into the box of litter we use to refill the litter box and use the bathroom in it. I watched it happen and said to myself,  Please don’t tell me that’s what he’s doing. Please don’t do that. Wow, that’s what he just did! What the….
  • I dropped the syrup while making Eggos for my son which made me drop the knife I was using as well.
  • I spilled honey on my clothes and it got in my hair while I was eating breakfast.
  • I put navy tights on instead of black and didn’t realize until I stepped outside into the light so I had to run in to change at which point my son said “you’re really not having a good day, are you?”
  • My kid ended up at the doctor again for an infection in his foot. New antibiotic and a referral to a specialist.
  • I dropped my cell phone while getting into the car.
  • I scuffed my only pair of black heels ripping the leather.
  • I sliced my finger with a pair of scissors.

And all before 11:30am. 11:30am!

On the plus side….

  • My son didn’t scream and yell once while getting dressed this morning (shocking! he hates mornings).
  • We were in and out of the doctor’s office in about 30 minutes.
  • I got to walk around gifting our teachers with some goodies we ordered for them. Jennifer Saravallo books and Teacher Created Materials inquiry kits. Fun!
  • The Teacher Academy group I am working with presenting their first action plan yesterday and started Power of Positive groups (their idea!). Hello empowerment! Follow up emails out today and a plan in place of their doing!
  • My co worker bought me a coffee! And Starbucks even got my difficult coffee order right
  • Everything is ready for a training tomorrow and a Vertical Slice session this afternoon.
  • In two days I am on vacation for 9 days with a trip to Tennessee planned.
  • I forgot my son’s snack today, but he found a granola bar in the bottom of his bag and happily ate that instead of his usual cheese crackers or goldfish.
  • I listened to Voxer messages from my Emerging Leader cohort that made me thankful for such an amazing Professional Learning Network, a group that pushes me to more every day.
  • I have nothing planned for after work today. Maybe a date with my pajamas.
  • Did I mention vacation is in 2 days?

Perspective. It’s all about perspective.


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