What This Election Has Taught Me – #BLOG365 Day 69

After a sleepless night I awoke to the realization that our job as educators is more important than ever. Yes, I knew this before. But, today every educator should be reflecting on their responsibility to facilitate the kind of learning that leads to civic responsibility and critical thinking.

Education breeds open mindedness, understanding, and empathy. When we don’t invest in education, especially civics education, our society loses. Our government leaders have been politicizing education and squandering our children’s educational potential for far too long. This is a defining moment for our country, a moment where educators can not falter or ignore tough conversations. It is not a privilege to a vote, it is our civic duty as Americans.

Our job as citizens is to critically think about candidates, to participate in our democracy, and keep the ideals our nation was built on at the forefront of every decision. Early estimates show voter turnout down in this election. We have not done our job as educators to emphasize the importance of each and every voice. We must do a better job. We must.

There are lots of posts out today about what we tell our children.

Here’s an excerpt of what I told my son in a note I left at home for him this morning:

My only goal when you were born was to raise a successful citizen who was open-minded and full of love, and you are! We can make a difference, all of us, in our own way. Be open-minded always. Find the good in people every day and fight for what is fair and just. 

America is STRONG… Civil Rights, Civil War, 9/11, World Wars…we get through. We must always focus on the ideals that built this nation, liberty and justice for ALL.

 I will do everything I can to make this country worthy of you and every child in this great nation.

So it’s time. It’s time to make this country worthy of our students.



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