In only a few days I start a year-long journey of daily self reflection and blogging with other educators from across the country. This all started with a #edtherapy Twitter chat on education blogging, a chat I almost didn’t join because I don’t regularly blog. I blogged for years about my son when he was young. I have never done any professional blogging and really never expected to. But, I am passionate about education and seeking better practices in education. I am often swimming in ideas. I am reminded of the Anais Nin quote of living out confusions until they become clear. This is how I see this #Blog365 process, writing to work through my thinking. I need a place to process my thinking and share my experiences as I work through transition in my current role.

Image result for anais nin i write to work out the confusions

I know this will be a challenge. I expect to have days when I struggle to find my words. I know there will be other days when I will need to temper my writing. I have thrown around lots of ideas on how to organize my thoughts: topics by day or using images or quotes to generate ideas. For now I have settled on allowing this to be organic and see what happens. This writing is for me so it may not be perfect every time and I am ok with that (the perfectionist side of me is letting it go!). Daily  writing time is scheduled on my calendar because I am committed and I need to make daily writing a priority from the start. I am hopeful that eventually I won’t need this scheduled time to write and I will work more like I used to as a Creative Writing major, jotting down ideas and writing when the mood hits me.

I have already received the first gift of this process, my #blog365 professional learning network.  With their support, I am determined to grow and learn over the next 12 months. Here’s to 365 days of writing!

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