Opening Up-#BLOG365 Day 142

I am a big Sara Bareilles fan. My husband and son joke that when I am long gone they will hear the beginning lyrics of “Bottle It Up” and think of me.

It’s funny how you can hear songs over and over again and, yet, hear them so differently depending on the day, the circumstances of your day or week.

On the way home tonight after a very long week I heard a new little nugget in a song I belt out in the car quite frequently with an audience of rolling eyes from 11 year-old. Its from the song “Opening Up.”

Take a breath, when you need to be reminded
That days like these, we can only do the best we can
And do it all again

It’s really a simple sentiment, but one I needed to hear after a long week when I felt like I was treading water. A reminder that we can only do the best we can as educators and wake up and do it again tomorrow. A reminder to take a deep breath…and breathe.

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